What you get in a kit ?

  • The birthday games matching to the selected theme,
  • The organization of birthday games,
  • The birthday party invitation cards,
  • Check-list before the D day,
  • The complete shopping list,
  • Cocktails ideas and recipes,
  • All the games and accessories ready to print,
  • Souvenirs and accessories,
  • A total amount of more than 40 pages in each Kit !...
  • Go through a demo kit
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Treasure hunt: The six keys treasure

Enjoy a treasure hunt ready to print for your child's birthday part : a treasure hunt for children with the map and riddles for kids ! you will find all the explanations to treasur hunting to know how to organize a hunt with everything you need : a printable treasure map, the puzzles for children, games and riddles for a 100% unforgettable treasure hunt, all ready to use, you only need print it !

Age for treasure hunt birthday party : kids from 7 to 12 years old
Duration of treasure hunt birthday : 3 h
Number of children for treasure hunt birthday: 3 or more
A treasure hunt birthday party for: girls and boys
Where: inside or outside

Treasure hunt: The six keys treasure

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Hunting the treasure,treasure map, puzzles for kids games and Riddles for hunting the treasure, coded messages, cryptogram, cartificate ... etc ...
This is what you get in this turn-key Treasure hunt birthday kit , without forgetting, for organization: the roadmap, the shopping list, the recipes for cocktails, etc ... do not waste time and focus on what matter !...

The treasure hunt birthday storyline :

"Like every Wednesday, I went to the library. While looking for a book about dragons, an old book fell on my head.
Inside the book …., there were a lot of inscriptions, plans, annotations and incomprehensible texts.
While I was about to put it back, a gust of wind turned a few pages and there I saw a mysterious letter written by a treasure hunter...."

Progress of the treasure hunt birthday party : riddle for kids and treasure map

During this adventure, the children discover a mysterious book inviting them to become treasure hunters!
So they depart to adventure to decode clues and perform tests that will allow them to obtain one by one the 6 keys of the Treasure !... Will they be able to decode all messages to get these 6 keys and open this fabulous treasure?

What you get in the reasure hunt birthday party for 20 dollars

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  • The complete treasure hunt birthday party kit (food excluded),
  • The trasure hunt invitation cards,
  • The games cards and riddles for Treasure hunting,
  • The step by step guide for the Treasure hunt birthday games (text of the organizer, instructions, and printable annexes),
  • The Accessories and the decoration for the Treasure hunt party (treasure map, coded messages, cryptogram, certificate, keys, compasses, labyrinth, magic dial, etc ...,
  • The cocktail and skewers recipes,
  • The Checklist before and during the Treasure hunt birthday party, no to forget anything,
  • The shopping list,
  • More than, to 40 pages for a turn-key solution !

Order the Treasure hunt birthday kit

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Your turn-key printable trasure hunt birthday kit for 20 dollars is here !
You click on "buy the Treasure hunt birthday Kit" then after purchase, everything is simple
You receive a link allowing you to instantaneously download the PDF file 'Treasure hunt birthday kit' then print it!
It is ready ! Nothing more to worry about!..

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kit birthday party gorgeous work! well done !

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